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Nothing – and we mean nothing – invigorates the soul more than traveling – having your eyes yanked open bar far-off sights of paradise, smelling scents of a new food culture, waking up to a soft heat and the jabbering sound of a new and enchanting language. It’s the exploration, the unknown, the journey, the experiences and the memories. It’s about making your heart thud through your vest every second of every day, which is what life should feel like.

The hiccup is the cost. Even if you can keep your costs down to $50 a day, the prospect of saving up thousands of dollars to travel the world for a year – or travel at all for a week – is too daunting and hard. We’re not saying it’s impossible to save, not for everyone anyway. But, for some, there’s no amount of pinching pennies, cutting back or savings advice that will let them make traveling doable.

Thankfully there is a Plan B. It’s called working as you travel. Think about it for a moment or two. There’s no saving involved. All you need to do is take-off with what you have and then find a way to work along the way so that you can keep your wallet thick with cash, all of which will keep you island hopping, road-tripping, ferry-loving, backpacking and gawping up at the wonders of the world.

Yet, hardly any wanderlust victims consider this. They know it’s a thing, but they don’t deem it possible. Trust us: it’s way easier to do than you might think.

So, without further ado, here are some amazing jobs that are super-easy for travelers to get and, best of all, don’t require a long commitment:

  1. Teach English Is The Classic

If you can speak English like a native – which we presume you can given you’re reading this blog – you already qualify to teach in a foreign country. What’s more, English teaching jobs are enjoying a wonderful time right now, with opportunities bursting to life in every pocket of the globe. They pay really well, the hours can be flexed to suit you, accommodation is usually sorted, there are loyalty bonuses on offer, and some schools will even cover the cost of your flights. Woohoo. That means you can travel to that region of the world you’ve always been fascinated by, get the satisfaction of teaching people something new and pay off your student loans all at the same time.

  1. Float With The Seasons

Some people are snow bunnies, others are sun-chasers. Whatever you are, why not indulge your sunny-or-snowy disposition by moving with the seasons. You could get work n a ski resort, get trained as a camping guide, become a boat captain, crew of some kind, or enjoy life working in different restaurants. The opportunities are endless when it comes to chasing the seasons and that’s because tourists bring about the need for more staff. Basically, temporary pairs of hands are in hot demand when the season approaches. Just make sure you move to your desired destination before it all kicks off otherwise you’ll find all the good jobs – or even all the jobs – will have been taken already.

  1. Monetize That Skill Of Yours

Pretty much everyone has a skill they can monetize online in some way or another. It could be creative copywriting or content writing or web design, graphics, coding, anything. The world has geared itself up for both outsourcing and remote working, all you have to do is find a way to slot into this new way of doing things and start enjoying the life of a nomadic freelancer. The toughest part is starting out. But once you’ve got a portfolio, wow, the world is your oyster. Literally. Well, the world isn’t literally an oyster but your chance to work from anywhere is… oh forget it. Sites like UpWork and whatnot make all this possible. And even if you really don’t have a skill, you can still sell your services as a virtual assistant or something.

  1. More Than A Freelancer

Another thing that more and more people are doing is making a business out of their love of traveling. They’re getting themselves a short term business loan and turning that freelance passion job into a business that lets them travel and make money as they go. Half of the swimwear companies you see on Instagram do this. Knowing they are little more than a marketing agency, they sell the lifestyle people love and make their money from their swimwear products (of which our absolute favorite is a little-known brand called Mangata London, who make swimwear out of plastic found in the ocean – very cool). But you could do it with anything. Run guided tours around that part of the world you love, so what The Yacht Week guys do, or The Africa Month, or you could start a dive school or anything you fancy. Make your business fit into your travel wants, needs and lifestyle.

  1. Hop Around The World One Bar At A Time

Everyone that has ever seen Tom Cruise shake his mixers in the film Cocktail has dreamed of working on a paradise island on some far-flung corners of the world serving people the kind of happy juice that makes their experience that little bit more amazing. Here’s the best bit though: the world is chock-full of bars and bars need bartenders. In return, you’ll get to hang out where the party is at, make friends fast and paid in cash for your efforts. Our advice would be to look for bars and hostels in hotspot destinations that have a high tourist turnover and see if you can wangle your way behind the woodwork. Alternatively, you could go the full hog and open your own little speakeasy. That’s what TC would have done.

This is by no means an extensive list of ways to earn while exploring, but it’s a little taster to show that it’s possible. Now stop dreaming of traveling and start doing it. You only get one life, after all. Live it.

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