Why A Home Gym Is Superior To The Regular Gym

While heading to the regular gym is a good idea for everyone, if you have the ability to, it can be much more worthwhile for you to build your own gym. There are methods of doing this well and poorly, like anything. However, for something so fundamental to your health, it’s important to know how to achieve this well. In order to achieve something well, you need to know your purpose for doing so. You need to know why the effort is worth it. These perspectives influence the choices you make, and allow for some real potential when it comes to honing your final design.

Thankfully, we hope to provide this perspective for you in a manner that we think you’ll like. A home gym is obviously superior to a regular gym, but in which ways does this truly matter? How might you use these differences to influence the choices you make when budgeting and spending on the equipment and design you hope to utilize? With these tips, we hope to help you find out:

Personal Training

First, a word about professionalism. It’s important to consider that personal trainers are often bound to using normal gym facilities. They might promote themselves and gain clients outside of the walls of the gym, but then might have to use their local gym in order to actually implement the training. Some gyms have rules against this, and can prevent practicing trainers from doing so in favor of their own. However, even if the trainer is allowed to conduct their private business with a client there, they are still submitted to the local gym environment. What happens if a client can only visit during peak times? It’s not uncommon for all of the weights to have a solid line, especially popular items such as the bench press or squat racks.

A home gym can allow someone to practice their personal training with clients in a manner that is easy to implement, caring and generally useful for both trainer and client. This can help a trainer optimize their time, see multiple clients in a day, and never have to worry about waiting queues for fitness equipment.

Noise Aplenty

In your own home, provided you’re not too close to your neighbors, you can make all the noises you want when lifting weights. Silly grunts, self-motivating yells, and even trained martial arts screams can all be conducted. Sometimes vocalizations are useful, especially when using breath holding techniques to support your spine under a load. Of course, this also means you needn’t wear in-ear or over-ear headphones in order to get your fill of motivational music, as this can often sweat heavily in the gym and leave you with temporary ear infections. With a home surround sound system (at a reasonable level so you can still focus on your safety,) you can dance to the latest techno, metal, or whatever guilty pop music you feel the most passion with. A 45 year old muscle-bound man might feel a little insecure about hitting their bench press PR only when Taylor Swift is playing, but in the home gym, you can Taylor your lifting how you like (we’re sorry).

Chalk Aplenty

Chalk is absolutely one of the most important implements in a gym when focusing on any form of weight, as it helps with grip strength and prevents the tearing of calluses on the hand, which can lead to a months long hand injury. However, many commercial gyms look down on the use of chalk, because it’s not common for gym users to clean it up after they’ve finished. Chalk can get on the floor, the bar, and remain there, staining the equipment. While a barbell with two handheld chalk marks is technically better than a normal barbell, a business might want their equipment to look brand new and clean, especially when touring with uninitiated clients. It’s not hard to imagine.

In your home setting, a large bowl of chalk in the middle of the room can help you with gymnastic work, lifting weights, and even cardio assistance such as holding the pull chain bar of a rowing machine with greater grip strength. Then, you can clean this at your own pace.

No Wait Times

No more having to wait for a treadmill to come free, or working in sets with someone on the bench press, or having to wait for mat space in order to do your lunges. No having to place all of your items in a locker, and no need to wait for the gym to open in the morning. No need to waste your time commuting to the gym, and no time spent in an indulgent long conversation with the friend you’ve made at the front desk. With a home gym, focusing on the training and the training only is all that matters.

One Flat Fee

After purchasing the items to populate your home gym with, and ensuring they are of exceptional quality, you won’t need to spend a time past maintenance, insurance of the items, or on new gear. Over time, this can save you plenty from your monthly bill. Also, if you don’t use your gym, you won’t be charged regardless. On flat fee each time you use something can be extremely cost-effective. For example, barbells have been known to last decades, and often machines have replaceable parts for inexpensive maintenance and safety long after your purchase has finished.


While commercial gyms are often cleaned professionally each night, during the day there’s no doubt sweaty backs, hands, sneezes, people who have failed to wash their hands, people smelling, people coughing, people with medical conditions etc are coming into contact with the equipment you use. At home, you use the equipment. That’s it. It’s solely you. This makes cleaning so much easier, and lessens the potential of an illness or some other malady from affecting you unannounced.

With these tips, you may feel motivated to assess your ability to craft a home gym, or you might start training for one. We wish you the best of luck whatever you decide to do.

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