We are 22 days into the New Year, and it’s about this time that I start to realise that life has gone back to normal and it’s time to kick into gear with my new year goals. In Australia, January is school holidays for the kiddos, and I always feel like we are in holiday mode until the kids go back to school even though we are homeschoolers an don’t go to school.

January for me is usually that time of year I get my finances for the year sorted, put together a bit of a plan for any travel we would like to do, put together Ashli’s curriculum for the year and set our yearly goals.  So I guess you could say it’s one of those months that keep me pretty busy with my planner.

This year our goal is to MINIMIZE in all areas of our lives, and these are the main areas we are hoping to work on.


We made a decision around the middle of 2017 that we no longer wanted to eat a lot of takeaway food. It’s not exactly good for our health, but it’s also not good for our bank balance.I mean, not that we eat a lot of it anyway. We live in a rural community, so our takeaway options are limited to local coffee shops, McDonalds, KFC and our local pizza store. With me being diagnosed as gluten and dairy intolerant also, it just makes sense now to make our meals at home because there are not a lot of other options for me anyway.


I was really excited about getting a car last year. I have never had one, in fact I spent all my life using public transport or walking. I finally got around to getting my drivers license last year, because I have had to admit that you really do need your own transport when you live in a rural community with almost no public transport. That major change in my life kind of blew our yearly budget out of the water. The car came with a lot of unexpected expenses that I had not catered for in our budget, and so I ended up having to use our savings. Now I know exactly what the car is going to cost this year, it means spending less in other areas to make sure we are still ahead.


This one actually has me really excited. For a house with just 2 people and a cat, we seem to use a lot of garbage. My goal this year is to reduce our garbage, hopefully, at least by half. I feel like this goal is going to be difficult, because it means buying a lot of groceries fresh instead of in packaging, and actually using those re-usable shopping bags I purchased a while back. It does mean I will have to be more aware when I am purchasing things, an I will have to be a little more organised before I do our grocery shopping.


This goal works in a little with our “less garbage” goal. I used to be huge with meal planning, and it worked. Over the last year though, meal planning started to fail for us. One of the reasons is because I purchased a smaller fridge, which meant I no longer had as much space in my freezer. I also noticed that even if I did squeeze some meals into our freezer, we tended to prefer to cook fresh meals. So this year we are ditching the meal planning, an we will not be doing large grocery trips. This year we are going to purchase enough food to last 2 days as a bit of an experiment. I figure the less food sitting in the kitchen, means less food gets thrown away at the end of the week. It’s a theory, I’ll let you know if it works.


So I know I have not actually talked about it much, but last year I was really sick. The main reason I got so sick, was because I really was not taking care of myself. I tend to say yes to too many things, I take on way too much most of the time, and I am always burning the candle at both ends. 2018 is going to be the year I get a little selfish (but in a good way). My bad health last year was a huge wake-up call that I need to slow own a little, eat much better and actually get some sleep. So I have put into place some plans to help me achieve just that.

So please, tell me, what are your goals for 2018? Are you setting any?

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