If you have a relative who is elderly who are starting to become a little less able to live their life as they used to, it can be hard to watch them struggle and live at home on their own when you aren’t able to look after them. Having an elderly relative to look after can be stressful and often intervention is needed to make things easier. For example, here are some of the reasons why you could consider assisted living for your relative this year.

They can buy a home

Unlike care homes which are rented and are owned by the company, assisted living houses can be either rented or bought outright by your relative. This means if they buy it that they have freedom to decorate it as they want and to make it feel like a true home. This is a great way to make your relative still feel in control and happy in their lives. You can visit this website and find out more about but no versus renting these houses.

Assistance with general tasks

Of course, the main reason why many families need help in care is because the elderly relative struggles with simple tasks such as feeding, dressing and bathing on their own. The great thing about assisted living is that caters are always a call away and they will be able to manage your relative as they navigate the day with these simple tasks. It gives your relative the independence to live a normal life while having a professional help them.

Adapts to individual needs

Every person who comes to live in a care home and in an assisted living house is unique and they have different needs from everyone else. To make sure that each person is catered for in the right way the carers are able to adapt and give as much or as little assistance as is needed day to day. They could stay in the home with more vulnerable cases and simply wait at the end of the phone for stronger people.

Less cost

Due to the fact that you can buy a home outright instead of renting a space for years, it is cheaper to live in an assisted living area than a care Home. It will simply be as if your relative has moved and bought a new house and their care expenses are minimal compared to a larger care Home setting. It gives financial freedom to the elderly folk and will allow them to spend their money on whatever they enjoy instead.


Something which has always seemed to be an issue with care homes is the lack of privacy each person has because they are sharing communal living spaces and eating in the same place each day. Rather than sharing a living room with 30 other people, your relative will have their own living room which they can use to enjoy their favourite shows and to do whatever they enjoy privately. It is much more dignified and freeing.

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