One of the many things I have learned during the course of my life, is that life can be pretty unpredictable sometimes, and you never really know when you might have to deal with an emergency situation. In the last 8 months our community faced two major bush fires, a lot of people lost their homes, but thankfully not their lives. While Ashli and I prepare for bush fire season every year, we also prepare for other emergencies that may arise. One way we like to do that is by making sure we always have emergency numbers we may need on our phones. 

In the event of a home-emergency nightmare, you need the right tradesmen for the job. It’s time consuming to “google it” at the last minute, or in my case, go through my paperwork to find the right numbers. Pipe just burst in the bathroom? You need the likes of J.H.Fox Plumbing. Discovered something unusual seeping from your taps? It’s the plumber again, or your local water company. Problems with your electrics? You will get a nasty shock if you try and handle this alone, so call in an electrician. No lights? No tv? No anything because of a power outage? Call your utility company. All these and more need to take priority on your contacts list.

In the event of a loose animal, you need to have your local animal control on your phone. This includes your missing pet to ensure they don’t cart it to a shelter by mistake. This also includes any wounded animals you find on the roadside, which we have a lot of around here. or at your property, and any unwelcome animal that has entered your home. We have our local WIRES numbers on our phones, in case of an injured animal, or a wild animal that has entered our property. We have the number of a local snake handler, in case we find an unwelcome visitor of the legless kind.

In the event that your precious pet is in need of medical care. Pets get unexpectedly sick too, ticks, snake bites etc might mean an emergency life and death situation for your little friend. Caring for the needs of your pets, also means making sure you have your vets number so you can contact them quickly.

In the event of a medical emergency, there are a range of numbers you will need depending on the problem. For anything life-threatening, it needs to be your local ambulance service (000 in Australia). You might also need the phone number of your doctor and your dentist. If your pet or child swallows something poisonous, you need poison control on speed dial. And you should also have the numbers of friends, family, and neighbours, as they can also bring assistance if you find yourself in difficulty.

In the event of a food emergency, you need the number of your local takeaway. Granted, this isn’t a real emergency, but if your new recipe has gone wrong, which I’ve had happen a few times, and you have hungry guests, having a variety of takeaways on your phone just in case can save the day. 

In the event of a car breakdown, you obviously need your breakdown service. You don’t want to be stranded for long, especially if that means sitting alone in the middle of nowhere. If you have resisted the expense of such a service – “it will never happen to me”  – then you need the number of a garage or a mechanically minded friend or family member. Still, you owe it to yourself to pay for a breakdown membership or insurance that will include this service, especially if you regularly make long journeys!

In the event you lock yourself out of your house or car, you are going to need the services of a locksmith. I have done this more times than I would like to admit, and having them on speed dial just makes things move along a lot faster. You should also call them if you lose your keys, as a safety precaution to change your locks. You can’t be too careful!

And those were just some of the emergency contacts that we think are useful to have on speed dial. Can you think of any more? Let us now in the comment section below.

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