Are you a fan of “flipping” tv shows like I am? I honestly could watch those programs non-stop. I tend to gain so much inspiration from watching the transformation of a house flip. It’s not a bad thing to be inspired to create something for yourself, the problem I find with them, they inspire me to make lots of changes to my home that I know deep down in my soul I am not capable of making. I imagine, kitchen renos, and room additions and all sorts of other changes. There are two things that stop me from making those changes though, and they are probably things that anyone considering a major home renovation should have a think about.  

Consider The Time Scale

So the talented guys and gals on reality shows seem to be able to throw a room up in one week. Good television viewing? Absolutely. Realistic? NO. A property extension can’t be completed in a week. It’s a substantial building project that could take anywhere from a couple of weeks to a few months. Do you have enough time in your schedule for this kind of work? You might need to consider taking some time off work too, especially if you want to be on site at all times to supervise the builders and oversee the work being carried out.

Think You Could Get Permission?

One thing they never discuss on reality DIY shows happens to be all the paperwork involved before you so much as lift a hammer. Before you start any of the work, you will need to apply for planning permission. This can be expensive, though, so it’s worth thinking about your project and getting advice as to whether it is worth putting a planning permission application in to your construction council. A company like TPM Property Builder can help you draw up some blueprints that have a good chance of getting passed. They can also advise you on the types of materials you will need to use in the extension – this is something particularly important if you live in a conservation area and need to adhere to strict regulations so the building work doesn’t impact the surrounding environment.

Keep Your Neighbors Up To Date

How would you feel if your neighbours began a large building project right next door that lasted a few weeks? I’ve been living in a street that is under construction for the last year and I promise you, it’s not that much fun when you are woken by the sound of nailguns. You probably won’t be best pleased about all the noise either, and don’t even get me started on the mess, the lack of access in our street due to large trucks filled with building materials! So, if you do decide to go ahead with the extension, you need to let your neighbours know how long the work should last. Try and see things from their point of view and, if possible, keep any intrusions down to a minimum. You may need to borrow a cup of sugar one day!

Which Contractors Are Best For You?

Fantasy Vicki is an ace at DIY and home renovations, she can do anything she decides to. Real life Vicki knows the difference between a Phillips head and a flat head screwdriver and that’s where my talents end. I am terribly good at organising someone else to do the work for me though. You need to hire the best builders and labourers for the job. Ideally, get some personal recommendations from friends and family. If that isn’t possible, you should take a look online at online review sites so that you don’t end up hiring any cowboys!

Hopefully, all of these tips will help you create a fantastic home extension and save you from years of regret because that work you thought would be so easy is still not finished years later. Been that, done that and you don’t need to!

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