Summer Outdoor Space: Achieving A High-End Resort Feel In Your Own Garden

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Although summer may still feel like a long way away, there’s no denying that the long, dark days of winter will be over sooner rather than later. With the year flying past at a breathtaking rate, now is the perfect time to start thinking about the summer to come – and most particularly, making the most of your outdoor space during the best season of the year.

If you have been wanting to revamp your outdoor space for a few years, you have likely considered a number of different options. Transform the area into a flower garden? It’s a nice idea, but requires a little too much maintenance to be a realistic prospect for you. Convert the space to a playground for your kids? Again, it’s nice, but feels a little reductive. As a result of what feels like a lack of options, you may have continued to search for the right idea for you… and we think we might have a suggestion you have yet to consider.

The idea is simple: recreating the look and feel of a vacation resort in your own garden. After all, everyone loves being on vacation; it’s the best time of the year, when you feel most relaxed, and when you are best able to enjoy the glorious weather – why wouldn’t you want to recreate this feeling in your own garden, so you can have access to those wonders as often as possible?

If you decide to give it a go, here’s a few ideas that can help you bring the look and feel of a high-end resort to your own outdoor space.

Add music

High-end vacation resorts almost always include music as part of their offering; a gentle background noise that helps you to relax while you bask on a lounger.

There are two different ways you can achieve the same effect in your own garden. The first is simple, and requires very little in terms of adaptations: purchase a battery-powered speaker for your cellphone and use this to play music while enjoying your outdoor space. There’s no doubt this idea is effective, but it’s also rather limited: the volume you’ll be able to generate is likely to be limited, and the sound won’t spread through your garden the way it can at a high-end resort.

If you have the budget available, your best option is to directly install a specialist sound system that is suitable for your outdoor use. This will involve carefully positioning a number of speakers in an effort to ensure the music carries across the entire area, and can really enhance the outdoor space of a passionate music fan who is seeking that high-end resort feel. The one downside is the expense; due to the complications of working with electricity outdoors, you’re definitely going to want a professional for that job.

A beach in your backyard

If you already live close to a beach, then this idea is unlikely to be worth pursuing – you’ve already got the real deal close at hand. However, if you live in an urban or rural environment, then it may well be worth considering installing an actual beach – well, sort of – in your own garden.

In truth, when we say “beach”, we mean “sand close to water” – but it’s close enough. Urban beaches have been popular for many years now, and you can recreate the same impression with less effort than you may expect. Ideally, you will need a source of water; a fixed pool is usually your best choice, but if this is outside of your budget or available space, then you can opt for a store-bought inflatable pool instead.

With the water source established in your space, you now just need the second component of your beach: the sand. Installing a sandpit is actually surprisingly simple, and really allows you embrace a “beachside resort” theme that feels surprisingly authentic.

Of course, sandpits are most frequently installed by parents who wish to provide a play area for their children – but you can utilise the same concept for your resort theme. This video below is American, but it shows the potential you can achieve with a little DIY know-how, a few bags of sand, and the dream of creating your very own sandy beach:

Focus on luxury touches

One of the aspects that makes vacationing at a high-end resort so enjoyable is the fact that no detail is left unnoticed: everything is specifically designed to give you the best possible experience.

To recreate this in your own outdoor space, you have to focus on small details. Here are a few ideas you may want to pursue:

  • Towels are usually conveniently accessible when staying at a resort, so it’s well worth recreating this if you have incorporated a pool into your overall design. Opt for thick, fluffy towels and store them in a water-tight container outdoors, so you will always have one at hand should you need it.
  • It’s also helpful to think about seating options; a lounger is all well and good, but most resorts have a variety of options – and it’s particularly important to recreate this if you intend to invite friends and family to share your “resort” over the summer. Opt for a simple bench or introduce bean bags for resorts into your domestic setting to really enhance that authentic feel.
  • If there is one uniting feature for all resorts, it’s that they should have ample shade options. Given how dangerous the sun can be, this is something you should look to recreate in your own space. Trees are a common source of shade, though you may also want to consider installing a pergola or other permanent structure.
Final thoughts

In addition to the core components above, there are other elements to consider when creating your luxury resort. As a general rule, opting for hard landscaping is more likely to produce “authentic” results; if you do want to use plants, then ensure they are as low-maintenance as possible. It’s helpful to focus on lighting, so you can continue to enjoy your resort-style outdoor space even when night falls. It is also worth considering installing a bar area outdoors; while you’ll need to make the cocktails for yourself rather than receiving them from a bartender, such an addition can really enhance the overall authenticity of the space.

By incorporating any or all of the elements above, you can create the backyard resort of your dreams – and remember, there’s plenty of time for you to ensure the redesign is complete in time for summer!

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