Simple Ways To Create A Cosy Home This Winter

Winters in Australia are generally viewed as the best in the world. Temperatures rarely fall into the minus numbers and snow is a pretty rare occurrence. That being said, considering how hot the country can get throughout the rest of the year, winter feels cold to its inhabitants, if not to other nations. Because of this, you’re likely looking for ways to make your home feel a little warmer and cosier while you wait out the winter weather. To help you with your mission, here are five simple things you can do to create a cosy home.

  1. Increase The Lighting

The dark nights that come with winter can be incredibly draining, so it should be no surprise that lighting is vital throughout the colder months. All you need to do is brighten the place up a little by boosting the lighting in each room of your home. You can do this by adding floor and table lamps, lanterns, and fairy lights. Candles also work well for this, and can also add some warmth and a homely aroma.

  1. Cover Cold Floors

There’s nothing worse on a cold winter’s morning than walking on tiled or wooden flooring. It’s absolutely freezing, hard, and bare, which is the exact opposite of the cosiness you’re after. To remedy this, you should visit a site like Rug Australia and get yourself a rug or two. This will protect your feet from the icy floor, help to keep your home warmer, and add something soft to boost the cosy feeling.

  1. Add Soft Furnishings

When most people think “cosy”, they think “warm” and “soft”, so it’s vital that you have plenty of cushions, pillows, and blankets to meet this requirement. This is especially important if you have leather furniture, as this will get very cold, especially at night. If you don’t want to keep your cushions and blankets on your sofa all day, you could put a little basket somewhere in the living room to store them.

  1. Introduce Homely Aromas

Whether you realise it or not, scents can play a huge part in how you perceive a room. If your home smells dank and dusty, then this is how you’re going to view it, regardless of how nice it looks. This means you’ll struggle to feel completely comfortable there. On the other hand, homely aromas, like cinnamon, burning wood, and baking cookies trigger a positive and relaxed response, so it’s important that these are present in your home.

  1. Warm The Walls

If nothing else works, you might want to consider adding a fresh lick of paint to your walls. This probably doesn’t seem like the most obvious idea, but it can make your home feel a lot cosier. Throughout winter, white walls can feel cold and clinical, so you should consider switching them for a lovely red, green, or navy. If you don’t fancy repainting every wall, then a feature wall can work just as well.

All it takes is a few small changes, and you can create the cosy sanctuary of your dreams.

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