Remedies For When You Feel As Bloated As A Balloon

When you feel full of gas after a meal it’s a bit of a toss up as to whether there’s something wrong with the food you ate or your digestive system. It’s a good thing to always believe your stomach first as we have incredibly strong guts and stomachs. They are filled with bacteria, that will breakdown food and also attack and neutralise any harmful germs. If you have ate something that was off then it’s very well possible that you will have gas as a side effect. Don’t worry, your body has done it’s job of attacking the germs, but just like any aftermath of a battle there is always debris to clear away. The gas is the debris, and it needs to be expelled. But what if you feel bloated even while you have ate something that was perfectly fine? Then your digestive system is to blame and it needs to go through a cycle of being cleaned and restarted. These are some remedies you can try at home.

Don’t twist around

Even though our organs are incredibly flexible, your stomach is not to be toyed around with while it is trying to perform its job. After you eat you shouldn’t put too much pressure on your stomach. Sometimes after a meal we like to sit on the sofa with our feet up and cuddle in a blanket. We feel a slight pressure on our stomach but it doesn’t hurt so we twist and fold around to get comfortable. This should be avoided, just straighten your torso out and don’t raise your legs so high. Wait an hour or so before you curl up and twist your body around. This will help food to digest properly and not keep a high level of stomach acid in your stomach for a long time.

The half of relief

When you’re bloated gas is stagnant in your body. Sometimes it will try to find a way out which can cause abdominal pain. Since it’s trapped it pushes against the abdominal walls and also your stomach lining. If you have tried other methods then a helping hand is on offer in the form of  Gastro Stop. A tablet designed to combat bloating and relieve your body of the stress it’s under, it will also relieve diarrhoea. It’s great for families that are travelling and camping outdoors because water from rivers even when boiled could still have some germs left unharmed.

Under your nose

Treating bloating is not complicated as at the end of the day it’s just gas, even though it can be painful. One of the easiest solutions is underneath your nose. Simply, drink more water. Your stomach will have to process the water and the gas will be filtered out of your body either through burping or blowing gas. Instead of juice or a soda, drink carbonated water instead.

Bloating is annoying at the least and painful at the worst. There are some simple things you can do to fix the issue but if none of those work, you should be taking medication designed to flush out your stomach.


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