Refresh Your Home Space, Refresh Your Life

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We all need to refresh ourselves from time to time. Some might feel this is accomplished by a visit to the spa, or perhaps starting a new hobby. These matters can absolutely help you feel healthier on a daily basis. These are usually matters of surface refreshment. They will take time to soak into your skin and begin to make a change in your perspective and outlook.

A more immediate and foundational change is something necessary if you hope to rectify your emotional, mental and spiritual state into a feeling that resembles freshness. Often, these changes start from the home itself. Many people think of their homes as a place they are lucky to have to live in comfort, but it’s much more than that. A home can have a deep impact on your outlook and your personality. It anchors who you are.

If you refresh your home, you refresh your life and your outlook from the moment you awake in the morning. You can do that by the following means:


Rearranging your home can be a pleasing and easy manner of changing your personal orientation. This can have a big impact, even though it might not initially seem so when visualizing it. We all know that feeling when we apply new bed linens to our place of rest, or when we clean the house from top to bottom. Rearranging the home to be more organized, to help you enjoy more navigable space, to perhaps reduce any unnecessary stumbling blocks in your home through better storage can help it gain new life and character. You needn’t go as far as to study Feng Shui in order to see an improvement here. Go room by room, and you’ll see the benefits for yourself.


It can very much pay to empty out your home in more ways than one. Consider your statutes of limitations for most items in your home. If they’re unused within a 6-month period and have no storage or sentimental value, do you really need it? Only you can answer that question, but often using skips for hire to clean out your place can be one of the most freeing decisions you make, allowing you to assign real value to the items in your household without missing a beat. If you’re struggling to throw anything out, we recommend watching an episode or two of ‘Hoarders’ to motivate you into action.


Just as new arrangements can help satiate that desire for a fresh home, redecorating can also. Lightening the wall color, replacing the wallpaper, perhaps reupholstering some of the furniture can all contribute to helping you feel at home in a completely new space. This can help you achieve a change (which may have been needed for some time,) without having to move home or go through any drastic improvements. Switching to a minimal style, revarnishing wooden furniture or perhaps lessening just how much you own adjusting for your kids flying the nest can all contribute to refreshing your home space,

With these simple home renovations, refreshing your mental space could come just as quickly.

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