Have I mentioned that my mum is moving in with us very soon? It’s been a plan in the works for a couple of years now, and the reason why our home has a small apartment build onto it. Right after my dad died, mum expressed her desire o move closer to us, on the advice of some close friends who had experienced such loss before, I told her to wait. I wanted her to make sure that her decision to move was not just a reaction to the raw emotions of losing her partner in life.  My very wise friends told me not to make any major decisions for a year, and so I passed that advice on to my mum.

It’s now five years later, and circumstances have changed. Poor mum had a brain aneurysm a few years ago, you may recall me talking about it, and her health has never really recovered from that. One of the areas that has been affected is her memory. Her long term memory is a little better, but unfortunately her short term memory is terrible. 

Mum is no quitter though, she has been trying to find ways to help her remember things so she doesn’t have to keep asking people things. I know as her daughter how frustrating it can be to have her ask the same question 20 times in the same day, I try my best to be understanding and patient, but it’s not always easy. I can’t even imagine how frustrating it must be for mum.

So, to help my mum, I decided to create a “to do” list for her, along with a few other printable aids. I’m hoping that this will help her during the day to be able to remember the smaller things that are easily forgotten by us all. This is the first printable I’ve created for mum, and I wanted it to be something pretty for her to use. 

Organize your days better with this beautiful printable floral to do list. It is available in A4 size and you can print as many copies of this planner as you need.

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