Minimalism: It’s What Every Bedroom Needs

Not all of us are down with the minimalist thing. We just like stuff too much. We like collecting this and that, and bring tidbits back from our far-flung travels to remind us of those places we’ve been, and dotting memories around the place, quirky artefacts that have no worth and chess boards we’ll never play. We love all that stuff too much to rid our living room of it, or our kitchen, dining room or conservatory for that matter. It’s what makes our home feel like home and not just the inside of a really bright eggshell.

However, there is a teeny-tiny caveat to this: bedrooms are utterly perfect places to rock that minimalist vibe. Utterly perfect.

Just think about it for a moment. Of all those amazing rooms in your house, your bedroom is probably the only one that has only one necessary element in it – a bed. That’s all your room really needs. There might be a cutesy nightstand, a bedside table, a shag-pile rug to curl your toes in each morning and a breath-taking piece of art, but there isn’t a need for wall-to-wall, ceiling-to-floor stuff. Not at all. And rightly so.

You see, not having much in the ay of bedroom clutter actually has a thousand and one super-amazing benefits, not just in terms of stylistic design by in terms of your health too – body and mind.

But don’t just take our word for it. Take a look at these little “oh wow” realisations you’ll get to enjoy when deciding how much stuff to put in or, as is more likely, take out of your room when it comes to your next free morning. Enjoy.

  1. Less Stuff Means Less Stuff To Clean

You don’t have to work for Elon Musk’s SpaceX team to see how less stuff will mean less cleaning because less the less stuff there is to clean will mean less dust, less dirt and fewer allergies to worry about. That’s what makes this one of the most amazing – if not the most amazing – benefits of getting on the phone to an affordable rubbish removal business and telling them you’ve finally filled a mini-skip with unwanted clutter. Just imagine how peaceful your Sunday mornings will feel now that you have less weird ornaments to rub with a dust cloth and fewer things to pull out from under your bed as you try and hoover. All those times you’ve said, “oh, man, there’s not enough hours in the day,” will disappear. It will be revolutionary.

  1. A Clutter-Free Bedroom Is A Peaceful Bedroom

We know that this is a totally subjective accusation to make because everyone’s definition or idea of peace is different, but surely no one out there is able to look at a sky-high stack of clean washing and clothes you’ve been planning to throw away for four months and feels a sense of calm wash over them. Surely not. It doesn’t matter if you’re a spa-lover, beach-goer, classical-music-listener, park walk, early-morning-sunrise-watcher or anything else, no one is able to find bedroom clutter relaxing. That’s why you need to get your bin liners out and start taking the stuff in your bedroom down a notch or three. It might sound weird but, trust us, when your clutter goes down, your sense inner peace and all that goes up. It’s like a see-saw.

  1. Your Bedroom Will Be Way More Adaptable

We don’t want to generalise when it comes to the millennial generation, but if there is one thing we can say with a decent dollop of confidence it’s this: us generation Y and Z-ers get bored pretty easily. We do. We have the attention span of a gnat. It’s why the most popular Facebook Page is Tasty (a brand that does sixty-second recipe videos), why we can’t watch an episode of Love Island without picking up our smartphones and why microwaveable meals are still a thing. It’s also why we get bored of the way things look, indulging in cheap fashion and whatnot. We just like change. And that’s where a minimalist bedroom swoops in wearing a bright red cape and matching mask. When you’ve only got a bed, a floor-standing lamp, a chest of drawers, and two pieces of art hanging from the walls, it becomes so much easier to indulge in a bit or reshuffling. It’s easier to paint your walls, swap out your art and see just how much a new bedspread can influence your space. It’s amazing. It’s instant-gratification just how we like it.

  1. Minimal Bedrooms Can Be Left A Mess

We know how many benefits there are to making your bed in the morning – from feeling accomplished to whatever else that wise Naval Officer said in his viral YouTube video – but minimalist bedrooms somehow manage to look chic and sophisticated and a little bit stylish when the bed isn’t made. It’s like stepping into the set of some high-end lifestyle magazine spread, where imperfectly-made-beds seem to have become all the rage (apparently). We’re not making that up either. Minimalist bedrooms really do have a way of rocking a bedspread of barely thrown on top duvet with folds, wrinkles and all. It becomes stylish. It’s become synonymous with easygoingness and carefree-casualness, which is great for those Monday morning’s where you’re in a mega-rush.

  1. Becoming Bold Just Got A Lot Easier

When you’ve not got much going on in a room, like we mentioned earlier – just a bed, nightstand, chest of draws and that – it becomes a trillion times easier to create a bold moment. You can create a powerful and stylish look without having to try hard or even open an interior design magazine. You’ve barely got much in the way of distraction so all you need to do is hang a piece of oversized art on the wall and you have that incredibly wow statement you’ve been secretly craving. Or, if you’re not into “art” per se, you could pop up a giant wall graphic, or a geometric piece of fabric. You could even leave your walls as they are if you fancied and just add a geometric duvet cover to get that larger-than-life moment. If you’re surrounded by white nothingness, a bold pattern can totally transform a place. Totally.

  1. Think Of All The Pennies You’ll Save

Less stuff means less money – usually. We say usually because not everything costs the same, so if you have a penchant for very expensive, well-made, designer items, can cost well into the thousands and beyond (although they are a great way to invest your cash). However, generally speaking, the less stuff you need to buy, the less money you will need to spend, even if we read between the lines and accept the money saved in your bedroom will be spent on other parts of the house. Now that’s what we call a pretty good deal.

  1. Mess-Free Room Means Mess-Free Mind

This isn’t just mumbo-jumbo, this is research by science-folk. Basically, what has been discovered is: your homes lighting, space, and room design can affect how you feel. It’s called neuro-architecture, which is a pretty cool word. Now, we don’t want to get into too much, but there are a few ways your bedroom’s design and layout and that could be affecting your mood. If your bedroom is always cluttered, you could become anxious. Or if your room is always dark and gloomy, your mind will follow suit. But go too far the other way and you could feel like you’re always in a rush or a hurry and that can lead to stress. The same goes for a small bedroom, which is known to make people feel trapped.

Basically, minimalism is the bedroom design trend that everyone needs to embrace with open arms and comfy slippers.

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  1. I’m so happy I stumbled across this article, just when I am trying to do the whole minimalism things in my own life

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