Making A Summer House For The Winter

Winter will soon be upon us, and because of this, you’re probably feeling a little down and out right now. Even when you love winter and all the weather it brings, your body is going to react to the lack of sun around with a bit of the blue feeling – but don’t worry too much, you’ve got plenty of chances to make sure your home and garden still has that trademark summery feeling to it!

So if you want to make sure you’re never feeling as cold inside as it is outside, this is the post for you. Your living space can still feel like a summer home, as long as you use tips like these to inspire you on the way.

Build Yourself a Cabin

OK, so this one might take a little bit more effort than you were expecting, but if you get your hands on one of those home building kits, you’re going to have all the parts and pieces laid out ready for you! After all, having a cabin in your back garden, as long as you’ve got the space, can turn the whole place into more of a wonderland!

Why not kick off your summery winter with a bang? And hopefully the bang of a hammer as you piece this little building together! It’s a great place for you to retreat to whenever you need a break, or to feel the sun all around you when your actual house is doing too good of a job keeping it away.

Get Some Florals

We usually save the floral patterns for spring, but if you use them during the winter, you’re going to add a lot more colour to your home at least! And you can get floral patterns on everything: your wallpaper, your cushion covers, your duvets and pillowcases, even your countertops if you want to tear the kitchen out.

Paint in Greens and Yellows

They’re very summery colours, but also help to introduce a neutral landscape to your home, helping to chase away those winter blues as you look around your rooms. So be sure to pick up some cans of bright and dark greens, and a yellow that’s not too harsh on the eyes on your way home from work tomorrow.

And if you don’t fancy painting the whole house in these new colours, be sure to get yourself a feature wall plan in place – you can mount all number of wall decorations here, and give yourself a bit of a project for the wet and weathery weekends coming up!

Making your house feel more like the summer come again doesn’t have to be hard, and you’ve got lots of creativity around to make sure it’s as beautiful as you need. It can be hard to wake yourself up in the cold, so get walls bright enough to do it for you!

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