IT PAYS TO BE PREPARED: Planning For Worst Case Scenarios

None of us want to think about what could go wrong in life. There are risks everywhere, and if you sit and think about it too hard then it can put you off even wanting to leave the house. Not that your house is even safe- more accidents happen at home than anywhere else! However, while it doesn’t make sense to sit and worry about every eventuality, it is worth having a plan or system in place that could make life easier if something does go wrong. Don’t stress about the worst, but do make sure you’re prepared just in case. Once you’ve done these things you can get back on with your daily life, but will have peace of mind that you’re organised if anything were to happen.

Create an emergency savings account

When things go wrong, having money saved in the bank is almost always helpful. It could pay for bills and rent or mortgage for a little while so you can take time off work. It could allow you to easily travel or cover costs to get to where you need to go. It could pay for an unexpected expense, meaning you don’t have to rack up debt. Having access to cash instantly could seriously help or even solve many of the emergency situations that crop up in life.

Start a stockpile

In the case of things like financial issues, or even bad weather, it’s useful to have a stockpile of essentials in the home. You don’t have to go crazy and kit out your basement to look like a grocery store, but enough food, toiletries, cleaning products and other household products to last a month or so could make a bad situation a lot easier. Dry foods like pasta and rice, cans and jars will all last a really long time, and will allow you to feed yourself for a while if you can’t leave the house or if you’re struggling with money. You could buy things like meat when it’s on offer, portion it up and then put it in the freezer. If you are going to do this though, it’s always worth having a backup source of power (in case the emergency you’re in has knocked this out). Diesel generators can help keep your house powered and running for a number of days, and are great pieces of kit that every family could benefit from having in case of an emergency.

Have emergency contacts on speed dial

We recently published this post about the contacts we all need on speed dial in case of an emergency. We all know to call 000 in medical emergency, but what about if you have a dental emergency, or your pet is unwell? What about if you have a gas leak? Having easy access to these kinds of services, and not having to waste valuable minutes in an emergency searching on Google can make life much easier. Store them in your phone and then go about your day to day life. That way, if you do ever need them they’re stored and ready to go.

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