If you want to make a change to your outdoor space this year and would like to vamp up the space; one of the tasks to could set yourself is to install a new fence in the backyard. Although it may not seem like it contributes to your garden that much: a fence can make a big difference to the overall look and feel of your garden. If you want to learn how to install a new fence this weekend, here is how you can do it.

The foundation

When you are looking to build a fence for your garden, you need to make sure to start off with a flat surface and a straight line. You could hire fence builders such as Fencemakers to come and do the job for you, but it is fairly straightforward to carry out yourself. Start off by taking a large piece of twine and some garden hooks. Starting from the edge of your garden: place a hook and thread the twine through the hole. Walk a little bit further up the garden and do exactly the same, and again and again until you have blocked off the area which you want to fence.

At the starting point of your fence dig a hole with a depth of 600mm. This will provide the resting place for your concrete post later on. Mark out the positions of your remaining posts according to the width of your fence panels and dig them out.

The poles

Make sure that you paint the bottom of your poles with bitumen paint to protect them from damage once they enter the ground. It isn’t time to install them into the ground yet, but in the meantime you will want to install a gravel panel on the ground to protect your fence panels from touching the ground  and sucking in moisture.

Attaching the panels

Now that everything is set you are ready to install your fence panels into the ground. Start off by making pilot holes in the posts and then attach the panel to a post on both sides, making sure to screw through the pilot hole. You will then be able to lift the panel into position and lower it into the holes. Once the fence panel is in the ground you can use a spirit level to make sure that the panel is straight. Add some rubble into each of your holes to keep the posts standing upright. Once the first panel is in, you can start installing the rest of them into the ground.

Securing the structure

Once everything is in you can go ahead and pour concrete into the holes to make sure that the poles and completely secured. This will ensure that they stay upright and will not move during changing weather conditions and high winds. Start off by pouring the powder into your holes and then pour the water right on top. Give it a stir and let it dry. You can finish off your fence with a bright colour or a simple wood stain and enjoy!


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