We all like to feel we look good when we go to the beach. Finding ways of hiding our less than perfect figures is a preoccupation before vacations where we may have more of our body on show than at any other time. There are some tricks that can help with this though, and you should utilize them wherever you can.

Buying Your Swimming Costume

Buying the right swimming costume is the most important factor. It needs to be one that flatters your shape. They do tend to be quite skimpy, but the best thing is to realize which parts of your body you can show off to its best advantage, and which parts are best hidden.

Small prints will help to camouflage that midriff bulge and are perfect for plus size swimwear. To hide your tummy buy a swimsuit with restricting panels, or one that is ruched as that will help to hold your tummy in. If it is your backside you are concerned about, buy a swimsuit that covers it completely. This will look a lot better than excess weight showing at your rear end.

Be Prepared

Treat your skin beforehand so that it looks good on the beach. Exfoliate and finish your shower with cold water before moisturizing it. These steps will help to tone and energize your skin so that it looks its best when you don your bathing suit.

You can hide all sorts of things such as wrinkles and stretch marks by using a fake tan. Nothing stands out quite so much on a tanned skin and it will make you look healthier. Just be careful to apply it evenly, as streaks will make it very apparent that it is fake.

Dispose Of Unwanted Hair

Nothing looks worse than bits of hair poking out of your swimsuit, so get rid of it. Regular razors are not designed to deal with your bikini line, for instance, but some have special attachments for you to reach the awkward places where there is unwanted hair.

Watch Your Diet Before Going On The Beach

There are some foods that will make you look bloated almost as soon as you have eaten them, and you should avoid these before you hit the beach. Salty and high-fat foods are the worst offenders and are the last thing you should be consuming where you are about to show your body off on the beach. Healthy snacks such as fruit and nuts are much better, and plenty of water will keep you hydrated and your skin glowing. In fact, you should drink water before you go on the beach, while you are there and when you leave to help you cope with the effects of any heat.

Looking Your Best

Size and age shouldn’t be a consideration where the beach is concerned, and for many people, it isn’t. You can look your best though, without spending an absolute fortune, and be less self-conscious of people staring at you. Then you can just relax and enjoy yourself, which is what beaches are all about.

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