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One of the things that drives me so crazy about trying to eat a healthy, clean diet is the fact that organic food can be quite costly. Eating organically is quite important to me, so I have had to figure out ways to be able to afford the food I would prefer to feed my family. 

I have to admit, it’s not always easy, and sometime it means going out of my way, but ultimately I feel like it’s worth it knowing that I am feeding my family with good, healthy food. 


Most supermarkets mark down the less fresh produce to make room for fresh groceries. You would need to pay attention to the day this happens in your supermarket, but you can nab some great bargains. I know that our supermarket usually marks down produce on a Wednesday, this is when I can get organic vegetables and my gluten free bread for half the price. 


I like to stock up when I find products we use regularly on sale. Of course, this will not work with everything, be particular about the products you decide to stock up on. As a rule, I will not stock up on perishables, unless I am able to freeze them. 


I’m pretty sure that all of us buy more food than we need every now and then, but it’s a really bad habit to get into. Only purchasing the fresh produce you need will ensure that you waste less, therefore, you will spend less. 


So much money is wasted on bottled water. Not only is this a drain for your wallet, but it’s also damaging for our oceans. So do yourself and the world a favour and purchase a filter for your kitchen tap. You’ll still have clean drinking water, but it will cost you a lot less. 


If you live somewhere that has a Farmers Market, why aren’t you shopping there? Farmers markets are a fabulous source of locally grown, organic food. It’s usually less expensive than the supermarkets, and it’s also a wonderful way to support your local community.


You might think that you could never do this, perhaps you live in an apartment, or you don’t have any outdoor space. The good news is, you don’t need a huge yard to grow your own produce. Vegetables can be grown on balconies in pots, you can grown herbs in window boxes, you can even grow some fruits and vegetables inside.  Just do a little research and decide what would work best for you. Even if all you can grow is your own herbs, you’ll be saving money.

Not all of these suggestions will work for everyone, but anyone should be able to make at least a couple of these changes. You may have to make some changes in the way you do things, but I promise it will be worth it.

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