Healthy Habits For The Home

When owning a home, there is nothing more important than ensuring that you’re happy inside of it. You see, a home isn’t just a place where you reside in – it’s your nest, your sanctuary, your hideaway from the world, and you want to feel that when you walk through the door. You should be greeted with a warmth that lets you know that your home, and safe, and looked after. So if that’s not the impression you get, then something’s not right.

The environment that you live in has such an impact on your mindset, and that’s why you need to figure out how to make it so much better so that you can feel better too. A messy home equals a messy mind. How do you expect your brain to be able to let go and be at peace, when the room is covered in mess? Stress, in general, is one of those niggling issues that you can carry around with you without even realising it, and it will start to eat away at you until you feel really down in the dumps and not sure on how you can make yourself feel better. So don’t fall into that trap – nip the issue in the bud right away so that you never have to go down that road.

There are so many healthy habits that you can pick up that will benefit both yourself and your home, and they aren’t difficult to do either, so there’s no excuse.

Here’s what you need to do.

Remove the clutter

It’s so very easy to find yourself drowning in clutter – it comes out of nowhere. What seems to start off with you leaving an item out, turns into a huge pile of irrelevant junk that you’re not able to shift because it has no home. Clutter is an absolute nightmare to deal with, and if you don’t keep on top of it, it will just accumulate wherever you turn and will drive you insane. The worst thing is, you won’t even realise what the issue is in particular, you’ll just feel like the balance is off. So you need to stay one step ahead. Bring out the bin bags, and have one that’s to Keep, one to Throw, one to Donate, and one to Sell. The key to making the right decisions, is to not overthink the sort out. If you know that you no longer use the object or item anymore, there’s no reason for you to keep hold of it. If it’s broken or doesn’t look very nice anymore, then you should just throw it out altogether. If you think it’s of value, then sell it. Otherwise, donate it to charity.

Change the colour

If you’re bored of looking at the same old colour scheme that runs throughout your home, then it’s time to do something about it. One of the biggest issues is effort. The idea of repainting seems like such a time-consuming chore, that people will just prefer to do nothing and live in an unstimulating space. It’s silly really, and yet it’s understandable as we have so many other things to do within our lives. But it’s important that we take a time out and realise the importance of what a new lick of paint can really do for an interior, let alone a mood. So mix it up. Assign each room with a feeling or vibe. So for example, the bedroom can be passionate, which means you’ll want to opt for deep colours like a wine red. The living room could be warm and calming, and so a chocolate brown or mocha would work for this. And the kitchen may be vibrant and bold, so you could go all out with a lime green, just to mix things up a little.

Keep it clean

As basic as it sounds, giving your home a good spring clean can really make everything so much better. And if you do it thoroughly once a month, you won’t have to do it so often because there won’t be much dirt to tend to. Although you may not like the idea of a big clean, it’s essential if you want to make the place look better, so tie your hair back, change into some scruffy clothes, put on your rubber gloves, and begin. Oh – don’t forget full blasting the music too, – that always helps give you that extra bit of motivation. Make sure you don’t overlook the floor too. If you have carpet in your home, you will most likely have the odd stain here and there that have accumulated from split tea and food. But rather than trying to ignore it everytime you walk past, or putting a rug over it – get it cleaned. You may have found that your scrubbing technique isn’t enough to lift the stain, and if that’s the case, Chem-Dry Australia are the extra set of hands that you need to remove it and make everything look as good as new.

Awaken the garden

Make sure that you don’t forget about your garden too. Just because it’s on the outside doesn’t mean that it’s not as important. A garden is a lovely place to go when the weather’s nice and warm. You can lie out on a lounger and enjoy the cool breeze blow through your hair while the sun caresses your skin. It’s also great if you fancy throwing a little dinner party with your loved ones, so make sure that you give it the attention it needs. One of the simplest things you can do that will turn any garden from zero to one hundred, is to remove the weeds. Weeds will grow everywhere if you give them the chance, and that can make the whole area look messy and unkempt. While there are many chemicals out there that can kill them, they can also do a lot of harm to everything else, so the best way to do the job properly, is doing it by hand. As unappealing as this sounds, the more you do it, the slower the weeds will take to grow back, so it’s definitely worth it.

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