GOING THROUGH AN ILLNESS? Here’s how to De-stress

Life is full of small and big tasks that you need to get out of the way and, although you know how harmful it can be, it’s not always easy to not feel stressed. It’s just another thing to worry about, really, the fact that stress can be bad for our health – as if we’re not just going to stress even more over it.

Luckily, there are a few tried-and-tested methods to take back control over your everyday life and find that sense of calm again. It won’t necessarily be easy, however, and especially not if you’ve been living a stressful life for some time. Start slowly and give yourself some time to find a steadier rhythm with these simple tips below.

First: Remember the balance

When life feels overwhelming and you can’t seem to shake the sense of being stressed although there’s no need for that extra adrenaline, it’s time to get back to basics. Life is, after all, all about a balance between work and play; if you don’t have a proper balance between this, you’re bound to feel a bit unhappy.

Find this healthy balance again by rewiring your brain with meditation. If you haven’t tried it before, you might find it tough to begin with – but it’s actually all about giving your mind a much-needed break.

Start by finding a quiet space for yourself where you can relax in peace for at least fifteen minutes, set a timer on your phone if you must, and try to focus on either your breathing or a part of your body. This is really just a distraction to help you with calming down your mind and chasing away those racing thoughts and, after a few minutes, you might find that your mind is just a little bit quieter.

Next: Talk to someone about it

Help and advice from a friend are invaluable when life feels too overwhelming so remember to reach out to someone. You might not think that you need it right now, but talking about everything that’s going on in your life can be a big help; look around on the Internet for some support forums if you don’t want to talk to your friends and family about it.

There are always people out there who are going through something similar and you may be able to help each other out and share some advice.

If you are going through an illness such as cancer or have a surgery coming up, it will help a lot when you’re able to talk to someone about it and even gain some insight to different cancer treatments, their effects, and how others have gotten through it. Talking to someone about what you’re going through, whatever it may be, is going to make it a lot easier to sleep at night.

Keep a diary

While it’s not as good as talking to a friend or family member, writing down your emotions can also be really beneficial. It doesn’t just help to lower your stress levels a bit and give you some peace of mind, though, as it also makes it easier to gain some perspective and take a step back from your own situation.

To anyone with racing thoughts and a stressed-out mind, this is like a dream come through. Make a habit out of writing in it every day and you might even be able to track your own progress after some time.

Hopefully, in a year from now, you can look back on what you wrote and notice how different your life has become.

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