Let’s get this straight right from the beginning. I am not an outdoors, camping kind of girl. Spending nights under the stars, living like people of the past, and enjoying what mother nature has to offer all sound great to me until I actually have to do it. Then I remember, it’s my fantasy self that actually loves those things. This sort of activity has long been a family favourite amongst loads of different circles, giving people the chance to spend real time with each other without modern distractions. Of course, though, staying outside for days on end is pretty unpleasant if you are unprepared. To help you out with this, I’ve put together a little list of ways to avoid a lot of the discomfort that comes with camping, because even if you may not be a fan of camping like me, you will probably still do it for the kids, or because


One of the hardest things to live without when you’re in the wilderness is the internet. Nowadays, people rely on this for much more than just emails and browsing, with loads of different tools out there designed for deeper communication. A mobile wireless hotspot should cover this in most places, even when there is poor signal. With a device like this, along with your phones, laptops, and other tools, you’ll need some power to keep it all going. Battery banks can be perfect for this, enabling you to keep everything charged up for days to come.


It will be very hard to eat like you do at home while you’re camping, but it’s not impossible. Nowadays, you can find loads of different cool boxes which can keep your food and drinks chilled for days on end without external power. Coupled with some small gas cookers to help you to prepare your meals, you will have everything you need to feast while you’re camping. It’s not worth relying on an open fire to cook on if you don’t have to.


The tent you buy will be very important. If you fail to consider the waterproofing which is pre applied to it, you could suffer wet nights if it rains, and this will be very uncomfortable. It’s always best to read reviews of your options before you decide which in you’d like to buy. Companies like 4WD Supa Centre have loads of products to help you with, using measurements like hydrostatic head to give you an idea of how well they might perform. A lot of people ignore this sort of consider, often making trips much harder.


Finally, as the last area to consider on any camping trip, it’s time to think about your bed each night. I personally would never, ever sleep under the stars, bugs, snakes, spiders – no thank you. To help you out with this, an inflatable bed can be a great option, we have one that inflates to almost the height of a normal bed, so it’s easy on my back as well. A lot of modern inflatable beds fill themselves with air so that you don’t have to. Along with this, if you want to take things seriously, it could also be worth looking into sleeping bags which are specially designed for your climate.

Hopefully, this post will inspire even the most devoted indoors person to find a way to make camping enjoyable. If not, maybe you can do like we do and pitch a tent in your living room and watch movies.

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Roxanne Desgagnés

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