Homes can become dangerous when they aren’t tended to — if you didn’t already know that, you know it now. So, if you value the safety of yourself and your family, make sure your home is tended to and, more importantly, fixed when it needs to be in order to keep you all out of danger. To see the prime areas in your home that should be getting fixed sooner rather than later, make sure to read on.

Leaking roofs and balconies

When you see anything leaking from above in regards to your home, get it fixed! Get it fixed because that could cause some serious structural damage further down the line, and that will make the roof or balcony that is leaking in your home not strong enough to withstand even the slightest of rainfall, and that will make it far more likely to capsize and fall on top of whoever is unfortunate enough to be standing below it at the time. And, that could very well be your children. So, make sure to turn to professionals in the field of fixing leaking balcony repairs and fixing roofs when you see even the slightest leak taking place, by doing so you might just save a life.

Rotten wood

Rotten wood is just as dangerous to our homes and then subsequently to us that live in them as a leaky roof is. Unfortunately, however, rotten wood is far less noticeable than the likes of a leak, meaning it is far more likely to go undetected and to then grow dangerous. So, what this means is that you have to actively seek out this problem by keeping a tab on the condition of all the wood in your home.

The first place that you should look when searching out rotten wood in your home is the wooded areas within it that are placed near places of moisture. This is because lingering moisture on unprotected wood will allow different fungi to grow upon it, and this will then lead to rot. So, look out for areas or instances of wood in your home that are near to window sills, for instance, as these areas collect a lot of moisture. And, once in this area, you should get your flashlight or even your binoculars out in order to have a closer inspection of the wood in question, then using something like a screwdriver to probe the wood for instances of rot.

If left untended to and left to rot further, wood will put you and your family in danger in more ways than one. For one, there are known to be toxic chemical compounds produced in the fungus that is rot, and this can then cause serious harm to skin. So, to protect the skin of those that live in your home, which could be your children, make sure to cut out all that rotten wood.

Unstable staircases

The dangers posed by unstable staircases are pretty obvious, but it is worth mentioning them anyway. Yes, unstable staircases pose a danger through the way they make falling far more likely, and what’s more this falling takes place from an elevated height meaning the likelihood of injury taking place when it such a fall happens is far more likely.

So, you need to make sure your staircases are stable — yes, this means all of your staircases. This means all of the staircases in your home and even in your garden, no matter how many steps can be found upon them. This means making sure the staircase in your home has securely fixed flooring, meaning no carpet on your steps is loose or likely to come loose should people walk up or down them; this also means keeping your outdoor steps, even if there are only one or two of them, clean and clear of anything that could make them slippery at all times, which could mean putting secured mats or even grip tape on them to make their surface far less slippery.

And, whilst you’re at it, why don’t you target all of the other areas in your home that could pose a danger to you and your family in regards to falling? For instance, why don’t you secure your bathroom, too, by adding non-slip, adhesive stickers to your bath and/or shower to ensure nobody has the potential to slip whilst cleaning themselves? And, why don’t you clear up all the toys your kids leave lying around so nobody falls over them as they walk around your home?


Okay, fixing alarms might not directly make your home far less dangerous as doing all of the above well, but it will make it safer. It will make it safer because it will alert you to any dangers that pose themselves within it, so make sure your alarms are fixed and working properly!

Of course first of all, this means ensuring that your fire alarms are working properly at all times. This means checking the batteries of them regularly to ensure they still have juice in them, and this could even mean getting yourself a smart smoke detector, such as those provided by Nest Protect, that will provide you with updates on the condition of you alarms via WiFi.

What this also means is that you should have a carbon monoxide (CO) alarm fitted in your home, and that should be checked regularly too. You should do this because CO, known as the silent killer, will pose a danger to you when you absolutely least expect it, and it will kill you. So, cut out this danger by installing a CO detector and keeping up with the maintenance of it — the aforementioned Nest Protect appliance can help with that, too.

Fixing your home and everything in it is vital if you want to protect yourself and your family for years to come. So, what are you waiting for? Get fixing and get protecting!

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Lea Böhm

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