As tempting as it may be, a lack of time is not an excuse to roll out of bed and get about your day looking like a troll. No one wants to rock up to the boardroom with untameable hair and blotchy skin, but just because you’re short on time this morning doesn’t mean that you should have to skip the beauty basics. You only have to invest a little bit of time and cash to make sure that you’re still looking your best self every day. So, if you would rather sleep in a little longer in the mornings and you need some fast, fun tips to keep your beauty routine in check at the same time, check out these options:


Go Online. 

My favourite way to shop these days is online, you can buy your beauty basics while saving yourself time and you can also do it in your pyjamas. I like to check out nail polish stores online to find brands that are not available where we live, and I often purchase a lot of my makeup online from my favourite store as well for the same reason. There’s no need to have to fit in a trip to the store yourself, I can get busy doing the more important things and have everything delivered right to my door. I love the excitement of delivery day, who doesn’t love receiving beauty gifts from you to you?!

Cutting Edge.

Fitting in a hair appointment? Not the easiest thing to do in a demanding job. What you need to be doing is keeping up with a trim, though. Hair gets longer and heavier, which means that you develop split ends and it gets ruined. The worst thing about split ends? Your styles will refuse to hold their own. Make sure you turn up to those hair appointments every six weeks and get those trims done, in the long term, it will save your time.

Thread, Wax or Pluck.

Unless you’re an expert, don’t touch your eyebrows. Go and see the lady in the shopping mall who can thread your brows on your lunch break, or make an appointment at a salon close to where you work. Try not to go before you have a big meeting, though, otherwise you can look like you’ve been slapped with a wet fish right across the brows. Threading can last for a good few weeks, so choose to get your eyebrows threaded, waxed or plucked regularly and you’ll save time!

Blow Dry Blast.

In the morning, blowing out your hair and styling can feel like a massive pain when you’re trying to save time. In fact, the best thing you could do is wash your hair before you head to bed. Styling can be what you do in the morning and in those mornings where you can’t find the time to curl or straighten it, those are the days for a chignon like this one.

Go Permanent.

Next time you’re at the salon, ask about semi-permanent make up. I have always been a little curious about microblading and makeup tattoos, how easy would it be to head to work, or anywhere for that matter, on time if you have semi-permanent eyeliner on already? This one is on the top of my “beauty bucket list” to get done, and I cannot wait!

We’re all busy, but don’t let your beauty routine suffer simply because you don’t have the time. There are so many ways to achieve the look you like to rock with minimal fuss and time these days, never before has it been so easy to be your best self from morning til night. What do you think? 

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