Whether you’re Australian or an overseas visitor, Brisbane is a certain bucket list destination. It’s Australia’s third most populous city, and just so happens to be the place I spent 8 years of my life. As a former resident, I can assure you that Brisbane has a wide range of activities to keep a family busy on holidays. 

 While no two families are the same, these tricks are sure to provide the foundations of a winning holiday.

 Choose The Right Accommodation

 Having a comfortable place to stay is important for every holiday. When staying in a city that’s as large as Brisbane though, you’ll also need to consider the location. After all, you don’t want to waste huge chunks of the holiday travelling from the hotel to the attractions.

 The size of the family, and ages of the kids will have a huge influence on your accommodation selection. Private villas can be a particularly good option if you have very young children or simply wish to retain a sense of privacy. However, there are many hotels where kids clubs can keep your little angels entertained. Then again, you don’t want to be stuck at the hotel all holiday.

 Whichever option choose, make sure you read some customer reviews to check for cleanliness and other key factors. Do your homework, make sure all the amenities you will require are close by.

Brisbane is home to a number of great tourist attractions, and you’ll want to see all of the major sights. This is your chance to create those magical holiday memories while also grabbing some truly stunning photos in the process.   

 There are many options out there, including bus tours and walking tours. However, a Segway tour is the most enjoyable way to explore the city’s major attractions. After seeing the city in style at ground level, you may also want to consider a helicopter tour. Again, aside from the stunning views, this is an amazing experience too.

 Get To The Beach

 While Brisbane itself doesn’t boast the same volume of beaches as some of the country’s other popular destinations, there are several in the nearby surrounding areas. The locals regularly head to those places for hours of fun over the weekends, and you should too. My advice would be to try visit these places during the week if you can to avoid the crowd. 

 There’s no question that Australia rules the waves, making it ideal for various water sports. But even if you simply wish to gain a tan while sat on the sand, the beach is the place to do it. Besides, after spending all that time exploring the city, a day of recharging the batteries is an important part of any vacation. Just remember to pack sunglasses and lotion, as well as appropriate clothes.

  All of the best beaches can be reached by public transport, but car rentals can still be a great option for families. It’ll be far more comfortable, and gives you control over the timings.

 See The Animals

As far as family activities are concerned, visiting the animals is always one of the best. Whether it’s the zoo, Springbrook National Park, or one of the many other attractions doesn’t matter. This is sure to provide hours of fun for every aged one to 100.

 Australian travellers will take great joy in getting up close to the animals. For international visitors, though, this is a chance to see species that you won’t see anywhere else in the world. This makes it a once in a lifetime opportunity. Meanwhile, some of the sceneries and natural backdrops are sure to blow you away too.   

 This is also an ideal venue to pick up some souvenirs, especially for the kids. After all, those teddies and bedroom decorations can spark memories of your time in Brisbane for many years to come.

 Climb Mt Coot-tha

 Just 7km from the city centre, Mt Coot-tha is an incredible natural attraction that will provide panoramic views for miles. Those views take in the whole city as well as Moreton Bay, and are equally stunning in the evening as the daytime.

 At 287 metres above sea level and no major steep climbs, it’s a good mountain for youngsters. Then again, the summit can be reached by road too. Aside from the views up high, the botanic gardens are very close by. Further amenities such as cafes and gift shops give your family the chance to enjoy this in a very leisurely fashion.

 Brisbane has the tasty food, great entertainment, and features you’d expect of any major city. Nonetheless, creating those one-off magical memories will let you enjoy brilliant Brisbane to the max.

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