The term “staycation” is usually defined as a vacation in your home country, something I like to do a lot of. Actually, I personally believe that a person should always explore their own country before they travel further. Australia has countless choices if you decide a staycation is the right decision for you. From the big cities of Sydney and Melbourne to contemplating a trek across the outback, you could spend your lifetime holidaying in Australia and never have to see the same place twice. Every year Ash and I choose a place we’ve never been before to travel to, and we have not run out of places yet.

However, if you want something different from your next staycation, why not consider escaping the mainland? There are plenty of places you can visit that are still definitively Australian — so they qualify as a staycation — but with a unique charm all of their own. If you fancy giving the idea a try, here are three destinations you’ll want to consider for your next travel trip…


It would be impossible to discuss the idea of leaving the mainland but remaining in Australia without mentioning Tasmania, so let’s dive right in. Tasmania has plenty to offer an eager traveller, with a rich history, stunning national parks, and the capital city of Hobart just waiting to be explored.

One of the major benefits of Tasmania is that it is a staycation, but it doesn’t feel like one. If you’re flying from Sydney, you’ll spend nearly an hour and a half in the air, and you’ll land on an island that is quite unlike anywhere else on the mainland.

You must try… Freycinet National Park is an amazing, natural wonder to explore. Explore the wildlife and stroll across the white sandy beaches for a special experience you won’t forget.

Fraser Island

Located just off the coast of Brisbane, any time spent on Fraser Island is time well spent. The island is a glorious paradise that offers a wealth of things to see and do, and is ideal for enthusiasts of scuba diving and water sports.

Get the best of both worlds by heading to Brisbane for a city break, then taking the likes of to tour Fraser Island for your preferred duration. This ensures you tick all the different vacation “boxes”, and get to experience both a metropolitan ideal and an island idyll.

You must try… Sunset safaris are an incredible way to experience the island in all its beauty, and is an absolute must for those visiting Fraser Island.

Fitzroy Island

Located off the coast of Cairns, Fitzroy Island is one of the quieter Australian island retreats– but it’s far from boring. You can spend your days lazing on the sandy beaches and exploring the Great Barrier Reef, or head into the rainforest for a trek you won’t forget. The slightly cooler weather experienced here makes it a great choice for a visit in the height of summer.

As with Fraser Island, you can combine your visit to Fitzroy Island with a city break– Cairns is the best option, though Townsville is also possible if you don’t mind travelling a little further afield.

You must try… Visit the Turtle Rehabilitation Centre as detailed on to see the incredible residents and support the preservation efforts.

If you’re looking for an Australian holiday with a difference, any of the three islands above make for a wonderful destination!

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