Does Posture Matter When Sleeping?

How much care and focus have you put towards the way you sleep? We spend around one-third of our lives asleep and yet most people don’t invest in their beds. We’ve all been guilty of buying pillows that have gone on sale and bed sheets that look like an absolute bargain. Very often we feel as if sleep is just a part of life that we cannot control and therefore we won’t spend money on it. Yet for 8 or so hours every day, we are unconscious and relying on our bed to make us feel warm, comfortable and maybe even help us to heal our bodies. The more you look into the subject, there’s much more to be explored in that final topic. During REM sleep, our bodies tend to release the worker cells that go around the body healing our tissue. Whether you have a cut or a bruise, during this part of the night is when things will start to improve. The trouble is, if you can’t get to this part of the sleep cycle then you won’t receive the benefits. The thing that will help us most relax is our posture when we sleep.

Crooked necks mean less sleep

Have you ever found your pillow to be uncomfortable to the point that you would rather lay your head on your own arm to get to sleep? If you do, it’s likely you’ll wake up with a crooked neck that will be sore and sensitive throughout the rest of the day. You should not be using your own bicep as a pillow. The average human head weighs 5 kg, which is just under 1 stone. All that weight needs to be supported and when it is, your neck will feel a lot better too. A pillow that is designed to have materials that flex and support your head are the best product to buy. Posture pillows are designed so that your neck keeps it’s natural bend, which in turn keeps the muscles more relaxed. The head is kept in a neutral state as the stuffing material only gets compressed to a certain level, before it pushes slightly back.

Too much comfort is bad

It sounds strange but too much comfort in your bed can actually be a bad thing. When the mattress or the base of the bed is so soft and flexible, that your body sinks into them, it’s not going to support your body weight evenly. This can lead to a center of gravity mismanagement. Beanbags are comfortable because you sink into them, but if you have ever tried to sleep in one of them you’ll know that your weight is unevenly spread out. This can eventually lead to discomfort and pain. A strong bed base designed to be more aware of spreading your weight evenly and working with the mattress to achieve this is something you might want to consider. The strong structure is built with Australian timber in a slat frame, and upholstered with a premium foam backed fabric.

A posture that spreads your weight around evenly, also depends on the bed you’re sleeping on. If you sink too low into the bed, that’s not healthy for your weight distribution. At the same time you need a pillow that does much the same by pushing back just a little to support your neck.

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