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Having a pet is an amazing experience. They really do become a member of the family. One of the most common pets that you can get is a cat, and surprisingly, they can really transform your lifestyle in more ways than you may realise. Of course, getting a pet shouldn’t be motivated purely by the benefits that you can receive, It should be a decision that you make consciously, having weighed up all the benefits and disadvantages. You need to be sure whether you can commit to the responsibility, whether your home is suitable, and whether your family is open to welcoming a furry friend. Once that is all decided though, one of the fun parts is to decide what type of pet you are going to welcome into your family.

Choosing a pet is not as easy as you might have thought, but one thing is for sure, whether you choose to go to a breeders for a puppy or rehome a dog or cat that needs the love and attention, much like a home, you will know when the right pet is looking back at you. We always tell people that our girl Cleopatra chose us, and she has changed our lives in so many ways.

They will introduce you to new friends

Having a pet dog, for example, is like having a child. Not in the sense of a parent and child relationship but in terms of your social life. A child will go off to nursery and school, for example, even when you take a child to the park, you are thrown into a situation where you are with other parents in whom you might strike up a conversation with and then become friends. Walking your dog or having a pet can do the same thing as you are welcomed into a new circle of potential friends and a social life.

Could enable you to be less anxious or suffer with signs of depression

One of the greatest things about a pet is that they can really help with your mental health. Our fuzzy miss joined our family not long after my dad died, and not only did she help our hearts to heal, but I truly feel that our mental health was greatly improved by her presence. Having a pet can actually increase your happy hormone levels which in turn will calm any of the negativity and depressive thoughts that can sometime darken your mind. It isn’t a cure, but it could certainly help.,

Becoming less selfish

If you are single, or perhaps you live on your own, there can be times where you are probably guilty of being a little selfish in terms of only thinking of yourself. What you want in life, what you want to do, and how you are going to live it. That is absolutely your prerogative. But a pet can change all of that. Having a pet is quite like having a toddler in your home. They need a certain amount of attention and love to thrive. That means you will need to change your lifestyle to accommodate those needs, and in doing that you will naturally become more giving.

The sense of responsibility for you and the whole family

Pet’s require maintenance, and that is just the cold hard truth. They all come with their special needs, wether it is cleaning a litter, bathing them or making sure their food bowls are clean. When we adopted Cleopatra, we also made a family plan for caring for her. They need feeding and exercising, a change of scenery and also taking care of the health such as regular visits to the vets and flea, tick and worming treatments. This is when websites like Pet-Lock could really become beneficial as you are able to do some of these treatments in the comfort of your own home. All of this is a great way to teach your family about being responsible. 

You may choose a different way of life

Having a pet for us has mean one thing, we began staying in a little more often because Cleo does not like to be left alone. Many pets can’t be left on their own for too long, so if your job is already quite demanding, you may find that you swap the after hours drinks for one at home with your pet in front of the TV. It’s not such a bad thing though, we don’t spend as much money now that we stay home more.

So what do you think? Are you ready to take the plunge? All I can tell you is that our Cleo has brought so much love and happiness to our family, and we can’t imagine life without her, that’s why we created our Free Printable Cat Calendar and Cat Wrapping Paper which you can download HERE. Enjoy!

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  1. I couldn’t live without my “furbaby”, great article pointing out some things that a lot of people probably don’t consider before they leap into this decision.

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