Just six short months ago two new angels joined our family. My brother and his partner welcomed their third daughter into the world, and my first niece birthed my first great niece a few weeks before that. Both babies are the sweetest little girls, both calm and happy babies, both so beautiful.

At the time they were born I really wanted to buy gifts for them, but my brother and my niece both asked me if I could wait for a while. My brother and his partner already had so much due to having two kids already, they were smart and stored all their baby supplies in the garage. My niece had so much given to her while she was pregnant, she asked me to wait until her little angel was older. 

I’ve respected their wishes and waited, but I’ve decided enough time has passed by now that I can give both babies something special from Ash and I. I’ve been hunting for some beautiful handcrafted items and came across these … 

I am so in love with these wooden rattles and teethers from Tiny Fox Hole. Both girls are teething at the moment, so they would be useful. I almost want to buy the giraffe one for myself and display it on a shelf. Crafted from beech and eco-friendly, they are top of my list. 


My niece asked me to create a mobile for her baby while she was still carrying her bub, but because we didn’t know babies sex until later into her pregnancy I put it off. Since then I haven’t really had the time. I started to look for a pattern to make one and then I came across these. 

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What would you buy gift to them? I’ve already purchased two of the teethers, and I am considering an extra little something. 

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