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I’ve put together a small list of artisan stores that I am excited about in May. I’ve chosen home decor items because I have been focusing on making our house a home this month. When we moved in a year ago, we had sold most of our things so we could start fresh, but of course, life happens and you don’t always finish what you start. We’ve been existing in an almost empty house while I took time to decide what I wanted the spaces to feel like. This month I have finally started in the kitchen, I promise a post will follow soon, but for now …


I have been obsessed with wreaths for as long as I can remember. Back in the day, my first apartment, I made my own food themed wreath and hung it proudly on one of the walls in my kitchen, I wish I had a photo that I could share. It was cute, I’ll give it that much, but it was never as beautiful as the creations from Lorraines Cottage. I honestly want to buy a dozen of these and hang them on every door in my house. I’LL settle for the Summer front door wreath though, I’m just not decided on where I will hang it yet. Got any ideas?

modern rose wreath
cotton farmhouse wreath

At the moment I am focusing on getting our kitchen organized. I was ridding our cupboards of stray lids, chipped dinnerware and mugs with broken handles, when I decided I needed to invest in some new pieces. I love owning pieces that nobody else owns, so I went hunting for some handcrafted mugs on etsy and I found these. I’m just in love with the colours, I’m trying to decorate our home with earthy calm tones and these fit in perfectly, and I’ll feel just a little special drinking from that mug.

handmade ceramic breakfast bowl

A few years ago miss Ashli gifted me some beautiful marble coasters, during the course of our move however, our cat knocked them off the kitchen bench and sadly they smashed. I loved those coasters, but I couldn’t repair them, so in the garbage they went. I’ve been looking for some new coasters ever since then. I came across RetroPickles etsy store a few days ago and fell in love with their products. I adore their retro style, and I think I’m going to have to gift the spiderman designs to my brother, the 3 styles I’ve display here are my personal favs though. I think I’ve settled on the aztec design for our home though.

ceramic tile coasters aztec
ceramic tile coasters retro

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