by Vicki

Hi, I’m Vicki. The blogger behind sash & jayd.

I have a passion for the simple life, handcrafted everything and living a life that celebrates the small things.

I decided to start Sash & Jayd a few years ago after closing down a blog I had been writing for a scrapbooking design team. It would seem that the “blog bug” had already bitten me because I felt the need to continue writing. So I did. 


I feel like blogging was always going to be my destiny. Way back in my teen years,  I wrote poetry and short stories that I would share with my family. Never could I have imagined that the internet would would one day give me a new outlet for my interests. 

I live in Australia, in a small rural community on the Sapphire coast with my daughter who dreams of being an artist and cheers on all my crazy ideas, and our cat who spends most of her time sleeping and stalking shadows. 

For as far back as I can recall, I’ve always had a love for handcrafting things, and for trying to make our home a lovely place to spend our time. I love to travel, when we get the chance, and I absolutely love to spend time in the kitchen baking up delish foods for our family and friends to enjoy. 

I’d love to get to know you, so please feel free to say HELLO by email or drop by my Creative Minds facebook group.


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