Combining indoor and outdoor spaces is a technique that has been around for a long time, but it is still one of the best ways of making your home feel more expansive and full of light. Whether you are planning a large-scale remodelling job before summer or you simply want to make one or two improvements as the nights start to get lighter, here are some tips for blurring the indoor and outdoor line.

Aim for Seamlessness

One of the best ways that you can create a seamless flow between your indoor and outdoor spaces is by adding some large windows and sliding french doors. Of course, these are best used in the part of the house that goes out into the garden. Another way to create this sense of continuity is by using the same flooring materials both indoors and out.

Add Around-the-Corner Windows

If you are looking to get away from the traditional styles, you could opt for an around-the-corner window pattern. This is an especially attractive architectural decision if you are overlooking a nice view as you immediately start to feel like you are part of the vista. However, they still have a big impact if you are are simply looking out onto your back garden.

Shelter an Outdoor Space

Sheltering some of your outdoor space means that you can continue to entertain outdoors even when the weather doesn’t fully cooperate. Simply adding a roof and some support beams to your porch or patio area will do the job nicely. Add some comfortable seating, a barbecue and perhaps even a fireplace, and you have the perfect spot to enjoy outdoor parties.

Take Out a Wall

Another option is to open up the entire side of your home with floor-to-ceiling glass doors. If you live in a modern home, this is an idea which is mainly suited to you. However, it could work well for other house styles as long as you have taken the time to plan everything properly.

A Desk with a View

When you are looking to create your home office space, you could open it up to a beautiful view of the outdoors by positioning the desk overlooking the windows. If you bring the windows down to desk-level and extend them right up to the ceiling, you will give the room maximum light and be able to enjoy the views in their full glory.

Mirror Your Home’s Shape Outdoors

Mirror the shape of your home with a wraparound patio leading to your outdoor space. Create the blurred indoor/outdoor effect that we have talked about by adding in some sliding glass doors and large windows.

There you have six ways that you can create a sense of continuity and blurring between your indoor and outdoor spaces. Bring in some plant life, flowers and other outdoor items to give your home a more natural look as well to complete the look you are going for.  

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