Going on holiday always has its pros and cons. While it is exciting getting away from your regular day-to-day life, it can also be quite a stressful experience. We are about to embark on a family vacation, and so I’ve been putting together a little list for ways I can reduce travel related stress for us while we are away, I thought I’d share it with you today.
This may sound a bit obvious, but a travel itinerary, in my experience, makes for a much less stressful holiday. It need not be a very detailed itinerary, just something that gives you an idea of each day’s activities will be enough to reduce the stress of planning your day every morning.
When we first started to travel, I would pack everything but the kitchen sink. Not only did we never use most of what I had brought with us, but it became quite stressful to carry all that stuff around. We have now reduced our luggage to one single carry on suitcase per person. The smaller suitcase ensures that we only pack essentials, and we never end up paying extra at the airport for a suitcase that weighs too much.
A few days before I embark upon a new adventure, I have a list of travel related chores I need to complete. As much as I have tried in the past, there is never any time left for giving my home a good clean before I go. For past holidays I have had to leave my home less than perfect because I ran out of time, and it was quite stressful to return to a mess. I now hire a cleaner like Canberra’s Best Group to come in on those last few days before I leave and give my home a good scrub while I tend to our other chores.
Want to reduce a little financial stress while you are on holidays? Pack your own lunch every day. Buying lunch on the go can become quite costly and eat into your budget quite quickly. I like to pack a re-usable sandwich bag, so I can make my own sandwiches, and my own water bottle. Throw in a piece of fruit and a snack bar and you are “good to go”.
While that might seem a little extreme, going on vacation alone can be quite an amazing experience. I’ve traveled with friends, with family and alone. All are different, and have their pros and cons, but travelling alone was always the least stressful option. You can do as you please, no compromises. If you want to sit at a museum all day long you can, you want to read every information plaque at the zoo – there is nobody to stop you. Do you have any little tips that you could add to the article? Let me know in the comments. This post contains affiliate links. image source

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