Pet owners could start a union they have so much in common. Whether it’s a cat or a dog or something more exotic, taking care of an animal requires a lot of basic skills. As long as there is plenty of love and affection, as well as food and water, the pet will be fine. In fact, it’ll flourish because its lifestyle is on point. How often do you see a disgruntled pooch as opposed to one which bounds up and down the beach?

But, it isn’t the animal which changes things; it’s the country. As an Australian, one should be acutely aware of the little and large risks associated with owning a pet. Forget about the busy main road outside of the house because it is the last of your worries. Living in Sydney, Perth, Melbourne or Brisbane means there are some weird things which owners have to know about.

Underneath is a selection of the strangest and, potentially, the riskiest for your pet’s health.

The Heat

For most people, the fact it’s Halloween means they need to go into their closet and find their warm weather gear. Aussies are gearing up to throw away the coats and jackets and break out the shorts and thongs because spring and summer are on the way. As always, the temps skyrocket at this time of year and can reach up to 50 degrees Celsius and more.

For a human, this is deadly, and the same goes for a dog or a cat. Felines tend to fare better because they spend their days lazing around under cars in the shade. Dogs, however, need to burn off energy and bound around in open spaces. It’s not uncommon to find them laid out in bed after a walk in the heat.

All owners can do is keep them well watered and fed and cut short their walks. Because it’s tropically hot, the canine won’t need as long in the fresh air. Alternatively, you can keep him/her on the lead and take a gentle stroll through the neighbourhood.


Nearly every pet in a civilised society is free to do their thing without endangering its health. Unfortunately, animals in Aus have to be careful when they are in the wild. And, this might refer to the local creek because crocodiles have been known to swim up them in search of food. Some crocs, the saltwater kind, make their way up tributaries and wait at the bottom of gardens before ambushing their prey. Seriously, it’s no joke.

Then, there is the small creepy crawlies which only need to bite once and it’s fatal. Black Widow spiders are regular house guests in rural and suburban parts of the country, as are scorpions. Finally, there are the snakes to watch out for. Mambas of all colours are happy to defend their territory, and constrictors will slither up out of nowhere.

It’s impossible to watch your pet at all times, but there needs to be a balance. Once it’s out of sight, it’s wellbeing is out of your hands, which is why you should find it ASAP. A quick bite might not show up until it’s too late.


Being an Aussie in the land down under, the odds are you don’t have a regular, run-of-the-mill animal. Cats and dogs are cool, but snakes and reptiles are on a different scale. And, it’s okay to keep them as pets as long as they are registered and kept in a box. Of course, there are plenty of occasions when these predators have escaped and caused havoc.

The amount of stories of lifting the toilet seat to find a python curled up in a ball is incredible. But, you might not be this lucky. In some instances, the animal doesn’t show up and there is a frantic search to find it before there is a nasty accident. Heaven forbid it bites someone and it’s your fault. It’s not even worth thinking about if it’s venomous.

Thankfully, The Unusual Pet Vets can treat reptiles and exotic animals and fit them with a microchip. Then, if the pet ever goes missing, the beacon will give off a location and the emergencies services can pick it up unharmed. Only in Australia do owners need to insert a device into their pets on the off chance it goes missing!

The Beach

Ah, the beach – what a great place to take your pet. Because it’s a residential area, it’s safe from predators and creepy crawlies. And, it’s a large area for the animal to play while also being wide enough to keep an eye on it at all times. In many ways, it’s the perfect location for a dog walk or to play fetch.

Well, it is until the ball or stick goes into the ocean and your pooch dives in head first. In the beginning, it’s quite cute to watch it doggy paddle after a ball before you realise it’s going out to sea. Lassie, stop! Dogs don’t have a great sense of danger and will swim out quite far before turning back. The majority of them won’t have the energy to get back to safety and will be stranded.

Of all the ways to lose a pet in Aus, this seems like the least obvious yet it happens plenty. Keep the object away from the water and be ready to swim after your pet. Just be careful of the Great Whites!


Aussie pets require lots of training if they are going to stay safe. It’s not like you can let them wander around in the water without fearing for their wellbeing. Owners from around the world will say this is typical of all pets, but it isn’t because training is for the owners.

In Australia, teaching an animal to listen to commands is essential to stop it getting into risky situations. If it does not stop on command, then it might not come back home which makes animal training ten times more important Down Under.

Can you think of anything pet-related which is stereotypically Australian? Leave a post in the comment section!

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