As one of the most used rooms of the house, your bathroom can easily become tired-looking and dated. Even the cleanest of bathrooms can start to lose their polish after a while. Overhauling your bathroom can be expensive, so if a complete renovation isn’t in your budget right now, then some simple changes could help bring it back to life.

1. Give it a deep clean

While your bathroom might look clean, it could benefit from a bit of additional elbow grease. Giving your bathroom a deep clean can help you to remedy a dingy floor, marks on the walls and get rid of any excess dust that you might not pick up during a routine clean. A deep clean is a great first place to start to help get your bathroom looking and feeling like new again.

2. Say goodbye to mould spots

Even the cleanest of bathrooms can become victims to mould. Your bathroom is one of the easiest targets for mould due to the amount of moisture that is in there on a daily basis. Your usual scrubbing methods might not be effective when dealing with mould, so you should think about investing in a good mould removal spray or calling in professionals to help tackle the problem and keep mould at bay.

3. Regrout your tiles

If your grouting isn’t looking as white as it once was, you’ll be surprised at the difference a bit of grout repair can make. Regrouting helps to cover up any spots or stains that might have found their way between your tiles, and leave everything looking like new again. This is an affordable revamp you can do yourself to transform your bathroom in a morning or afternoon.

4. Change your bathroom accessories

A quick and affordable refresh for your bathroom is to choose some new bathroom accessories. Items like your bathroom bin, toilet brush holder and the items you keep on your skin can be replaced easily to help bring in new colours and styles into your bathroom. If you keep your bathroom walls a neutral colour, you will find it much easier to change up the colour of your accessories to keep your bathroom looking fresh.

5. Add some storage

New storage solutions can make a huge difference to the look and feel of your bathroom. Adding storage helps eliminate clutter, but it can also bring some stylish new features. Ladder storage and baskets are particularly popular at the moment and could give your bathroom a new on-trend twist.

Revamping your bathroom is much easier than you think, with most changes costing little to no money to help give your bathroom a refreshed look. If you’re looking for some bathroom makeover ideas, why not consider turning your boring bathroom into a boutique bathroom for that luxe hotel-style feeling? Sometimes it’s the little changes that can make the biggest difference, so take a look at your bathroom and see how you can bring it back to life.

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