Looking to give your home a rustic farmhouse feel? Whether you live in a cottage or a city apartment, you can still capture that country house vibe. Here are a few ideas to make your home look and feel more rustic.

Embrace wood and stone

Natural materials can help to create a friendly farmhouse feeling. Say no to synthetic kitchen worktops and instead embrace wood or stone. There are hybrid countertop options that are cheaper and still look natural such as veneered countertops and materials such as cultured marble. As for furniture, look for traditional hardwood options that give off a sense of craftmanship. Avoid using glossy paints and finishes on wooden furniture as this will take away the natural tone of the wood. You can experiment with all kinds of wooden features in your home – cool ideas could include installing plantation shutters instead of plastic blinds and opting for wooden door handles. Meanwhile, when it comes to stone features, consider stone sinks and mantlepieces.

Expose walls and floorboards

Exposing things in their basic form can also add a rustic feel. If you live in an old property, consider stripping back carpets and exposing original floorboards. You can also strip the plaster from walls and expose the brickwork underneath. Exposed floorboards and brick walls can require a lot of maintenance – applying a sealant is recommended in order to make cleaning easier and in order to prevent damage. There are ways to fake exposed floorboards and exposed walls if you want to save money or don’t like the appearance original floorboards/brickwork – this could include adding drop-fit flooring over an existing floor or buying bricks to go over plaster.  

Disguise gadgets

Nothing takes away from a home’s rustic feel like a giant flatscreen TV. Find ways to disguise gadgets by not making them the main focal point of the room – for example, you can hang a large painting opposite a TV. You can also consider the backdrop or the surroundings – putting a TV on an exposed brick wall could help to disguise it. It’s also possible to buy gadgets such as speakers that are wood panelled, giving them a more natural appearance.

Repurpose items for household use

Repurposing everyday items for household use can also give off a DIY farmhouse feel. Sack cloth curtains, wine bottle candle holders and mason jar containers are just some popular examples of repurposed items. You can make these creations yourself or you can buy items that have already been repurposed.  

Consider switching to a natural heat source

A wood burner could be a worthy investment for anyone wanting to take their heating off-grid whilst giving it a more rustic feel. Modern wood burners use pellets and can be very effective at heating up a home. They can be expensive to install, but you could save money in the long run (whilst you do have to buy wood pellets, these can work out cheaper than gas bills).

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