4 Rules For Renovating Your Kitchen (The Stress Free Way)

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Nothing beats the moment you hear yourself mutter the words, “shall we renovate the kitchen?” It’s your chance to get that cooking-slash-living space you’ve always dreamed of, upgrade the heart of your home, create somewhere impossibly welcoming and feel the pulse of homeliness start to beat like the wings of a hummingbird. It’s incredible.

Of course, just because you are thinking about a kitchen makeover doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to be a success. As is the case with most renovation gigs, there can be a lot of stress, a lot of cursing, a lot of migraines and a lot of regrets involved.

That’s why we’ve been out and about, speaking to those that have recently renovated their kitchens and got their most essential tips, tricks and bits of advice to help your makeover go super-smoothly. Think of them as commandments that you can enjoy or ignore.

1. Get in Your Kitchen And Cook

Never rush the renovation process. Ever. Instead, get to know your kitchen flow, understand how you want to swan around your space, use your kitchen in a bit of a broken-down state and discover what your perfect arrangement looks like. It’s a little trick that will help you better utilize the space you currently have.

2. Know How To Pinch Pennies

Knowledge is power, so going into any makeover project with accurate ideas of how will save yourself money is an absolute must. You want to know how to be money-savvy, which might mean accepting the DIY route isn’t always cheaper or realizing that a certain new appliance can save you a lot of money in the long run. It could also be that you keep your current layout and find a way to recycle your old materials, both of which can help you save a chunk of change.

3. Design The Smart Way

Instead of gambling, rolling the dice or hoping a certain design will look good in your home, it makes way more sense to know before you commit. Go to Ikea and see what kitchen inspirations they have on offer and then visit http://smarthomesforliving.com.au/ to see how these designs will actually look. It’s about being able to perfect the art of planning and allowing yourself to be inspired by the way things look before they are assembled. It will help you out big time.

4. Have A Contingency Plan in Place

If you only listen to one piece of advice, make sure it’s this: It will cost so much more than you budget for, and that’s okay if you know that before you start. We wish this wasn’t the case, but you need to budget somewhere between 15% and 20% more than you expected because, with a kitchen, the unexpected can crop up out of anywhere. It could be delays with materials, things being slightly too long, pipes leaking, miscommunication, delivery driver’s getting lost – almost anything – and it all adds money onto the final cost. The point is: prepare for this and you won’t be shocked by it.

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