I can’t be sure that this is a real thing, but it would seem to me that living in the country slowly changes you. When I moved here 8 years ago, I was a city girl, I had a love for modern decor, apartment living and huge shopping malls. Moving here was somewhat of an experiment, if it went well we had planned to stay for 2 years and then move back to the city. Two years passed, I talked about moving, but never actually got around to making those plans. I guess country life had already made it’s way into my heart. While decorating your home with a “farmhouse style” does not require that you actually live in a rural community, it has given me a great deal of inspiration. These are just a few of my favourite ways to add a little bit of country living to your home.


We all get mail, and keeping your mail in a pile on a desk or table is not the most attractive way to store it.Without an organizer, my mail situation tends to get out of control very quickly, I don’t know how, it just grows.

There are some really beautiful rustic, farmhouse style mail organizers that can add visual appeal to your home office while keeping everything in order. These organizers don’t necessarily have to be used for mail either. Hang a couple of them on a I love the way these look when hung on a kitchen with some herb pots, very cute and practical.

Beautiful rustic farmhouse mail holder to keep you organized

Wreaths are not just a Christmas decor item, they can also be a lovely way to welcome your visitors into your home any time of the year. A wreath can be a subtle way to mirror or celebrate the seasons, but I personally love that they bring the beauty of nature into my home. You can choose something very simple and understated, but I am just a little bit in love with fruit-filled wreaths that give you that “fresh off the farm” feeling.  

Decorate your home with this beautiful All Season Wreath

We need clocks to keep our busy lives running on schedule, to get us to work on time or even tell us when it’s time to slip into bed and catch some shut-eye. Just because clocks have a real life function, does not mean they can’t look great while they’re doing it. If you are looking for something that will be a great conversational piece, a large hand crafted farmhouse clock should take care of that. There are so many different styles available, but I prefer custom items, created from recycled materials that really add to the rustic decor look that I gone with in our home.

Large Custom Rustic Farmhouse Reclaimed Pallet Wood Clock, Weathered Distressed White

What do you think when you see a photo of a windmill? In my mind, nothing quite says you’re in the country more than a windmill, okay well there are a few other things, but a windmill is definitely up on the top of that list. You can go a few ways with the windmill decor, one of my favourites is to hang the blades of a vintage windmill in your home. While that looks amazing, vintage windmill blades are hard to come by and many times much larger then the space you would like to use. You could DIY the windmill blades yourself, but maybe you don’t want to go to that much effort. My alternative to this was to buy this gorgeous windmill print, that will still add that farmhouse feeling to your home without the headaches of a real windmill blade. We have this print on the wall in our living room, you may have seen it at some time on my Instagram

Windmill Print, Farmhouse Printable, Black and White Photography, Digital Download, Wall Art Decor, Farm Art Photo, Farmhouse Style

So these are my pics for simple, but understated ways to add a little rustic charm to your home. I have incorporated all of these ideas into my own home,and hopefully soon I’ll be finished decorating so I can share it with you.

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