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Travelling can be an amazing experience for all sorts of reasons. It can introduce you to new sights, sounds and cultures you’d previously never imagined, it can be a great opportunity to work on your tan, and it can do wonders for your Instagram profile. A stunning photo of Courtyard Toluca Tollocan? Your friends are bound to be jealous.

Among all the other benefits of travel, however, it’s ability to rejuvenate and inspire you mentally is perhaps the most amazing.

Here are a few ways that travel can give you a new perspective on life.

By radically shifting your perspective

Ever heard the phrase, “you can’t see the forest for the trees?” Often in life, we are unable to see patterns and problems in their proper context, because we are simply too close to them and too wound up and invested in the whole drama of things.

Getting out and travelling can offer a radical chance for a shift in our perspectives. Suddenly, we’re in a completely different place, and the structure of our days is completely different. We’re no longer waking up in our bed, in our house, going to work at the usual times, and meeting our friends at the usual bars afterwards.

Instead, we’re exploring new things, roaming from location to location, trying different cuisine, and surrounding ourselves with strangers.

In this kind of situation, we can often see our normal day-to-day lives in the same way that an astronaut on the moon could see the earth: in its entirety, and from a radically new perspective.

Sometimes this perspective shift alone is enough to inspire us to make changes in our lives and to find solutions to our problems which we might never before have considered.

By giving you a chance to relax, decompress, and experience wonder again

Even the best and most optimistic and well-balanced of us can, from time to time, fall into a rut where the world begins to look just a little bit grey and dull, and where the stresses of ordinary life end up grinding us down and causing us to become jaded.

Travel presents us with an opportunity to be free of most of the normal nagging commitments of ordinary life, it allows us to recharge our batteries, and it reintroduces us to that innocent sense of wonder we all used to enjoy as small children.

Seeing ancient monuments, verdant rainforests, and foreign traditions can easily remind us of just how interesting life truly is.

By reminding us of just how capable we really are

When we fall into a mental mire, we typically end up feeling overwhelmed and insignificant. Travelling can be a remarkable way of fighting back against this helpless feeling.

While you might spend your weekends lounging in bed until midday, then watching Netflix until the evening, and your week working and then collapsing on the sofa as soon as you return home, your travels are likely to remind you of just how energetic and productive you can be.

Suddenly you’ll find yourself cramming more activities into your days and nights that you ever thought possible, and this will remind you that with the right attitude, you’re more than capable of being the master of your life back at home.

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