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I sometimes stand in my home and feel like it’s not quite ‘there’ yet. Do you know what I mean? I had a vision for it when I moved in, I know exactly how I would like our home to look and feel, it’s just not quite happened yet. When we first moved into our new home, I decided to buy all new furniture and decor, I didn’t anticipate that it would take me longer than I expected to fill the house. 

If, like me, you feel like your home is struggling to reach its potential, then it could be down to one of these problems…

BANISH Terrible Smells

Many homes are susceptible to bad smells that come about as part of life. I’m talking about dirty bins, stinky fridges, and common bathroom odours. Obviously, getting rid of the cause of the bad smells will go a long way to changing the environment of your home. Once you have eradicated the smell, you may wish to invest in some beautiful home fragrance. In our home I use beautiful oil diffusers and essential oils to create a lovely smell that greets our visitors at the front door. 

Dangerous Substances

A lot of homes – particularly old ones – can be littered with dangerous substances that go unnoticed by everyone. Primarily, we’re talking about asbestos in the roof or walls. This is a big problem for many homes, and it will definitely hold your house back from reaching it’s potential. It’s hard to really feel comfortable and at home, if you don’t know whether or not dangerous substances are lingering somewhere. Your best bet is to get a professional in to check, and then pay for asbestos removal if there is any. While you’re doing this, think about other dangerous things like carbon monoxide too. Get a sensor to ensure there isn’t a lot of it in your air, as it’s potentially fatal!

Poor Temperature Control

Temperature control is important to me. We live in a part of the Australia where winters can be quite cold. Our home was brand new when we moved in, but it took me a while to figure out how to heat it effectively in winter so we would be comfortable. Not getting the temperature right can leave everyone feeling uncomfortable, and it does not matter how pretty your home is, if you are too cold or too hot, you won’t be comfortable there.

Addressing these issues in our home has made for a more comfortable life, and I don’t seem to mind so much that other things are not yet quite as I would like them. Perhaps these tips could also help to make your home a little cozier. 

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