When miss Ash was younger I had no idea how to pack properly for our holidays. I would load up my suitcases with a “just in case’ frame of mind, and I suffered for it. Packing my suitcase involved including an outfit for every possible season, activities to keep us occupied, my entire make-up kit and more. Most of the trip to our destination was spent balancing a few suitcases behind me, carrying a couple of backpacks and my handbag on my shoulder. This was all while trying to also hold the hand of a spirited 4 year old. If there was ever a more difficult way to travel, that was it. Favourite toys got lost, items got left behind, and let’s not even talk about the massive effort required to repack our suitcases for our journey home. Our holiday did not really feel like much of a holiday.

capsule wardrobe for summer

One thing I noticed over the years is that I packed so much stuff, but wore hardly any of it. In fact we pretty much wore variations of the same outfit each day. So I got a little smarter and stopped packing “everything but the kitchen sink”, and started to book apartments with washing machines. Making sure we had a way to wash our clothes meant that we didn’t have to pack a lot of items. Not having to pack a lot of clothing means we also save money on luggage for flights!

My wardrobe since my first holiday has changed a lot, and as time goes on I fall more in love with the idea of a capsule wardrobe for everyday life as well as travel.

The packing list includes:

2 x Jackets
4 x tops
1 x skirt
1 x dress
1 x belt
1 x sunglasses
2 x shoes
2 x handbags
1 x necklace
1 x sunhat
4 x pants
1 x cardigan

On top of those items I throw in something to sleep in, a few pairs of underwear, minimal makeup, toiletries, sunscreen and my hair straightener. Using this “recipe” for packing, I can easily fit mine and AJ’s clothes into one suitcase, or 2 pieces of carry on luggage.

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