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About Me

I have a passion for the simple life, hand crafted everything, and living a life that celebrates the small things.


My gift to YOU!

While I’m watching television at night, I like to keep busy creating printables. It’s just a little thing I like to do. To help you get organized before the new year gets here, I created this 2019 one page calendar. It’s your FREE, all you have to do is download it.

  • Miss Cleo keeping me company this morning Wasnt feeling so
  • Who loves a kitchen thats organised? I spent a bit
  • So far my decision to become a gardener is actually
  • Ash has been creating new designs for our new online
  • Every night she parks herself at the foot of my
  • I think that says it all
  • Nee labels I made today for the kitchen which I
  • My two gals sharing a moment this afternoon That cat
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